How would you describe your style?
Outgoing, Energetic and Fun

Do you know our reception space?  If not will you check it out beforehand?
We've done wedding receptions at almost all of the popular venues in the area and are very familiar with each venue.  In the case of a new venue, or someplace we haven't been before, we do a pre-event visit to ensure we are familiar with the space and requirements!

Who will do the setup?
We talk care of all the arrangements on that, including working with your contact at the venue

How many hours are included in the package?
Depending upon your specific requirements we will be there for you for your entire reception, typically 6-7 hours!

What kind of music do you play?
Just About Everything!   We bring along a selection that spans from the Big Bands of the 1940's to today's top hits and everything in-between.  Plus we have online access to just about any song available - in case we don't have it for some reason. As we develop the music plan for your wedding reception we will work with you to detail a playlist of songs you would like and songs you would not want to be played.  During the evening we rely on our experience to "read the audience" to pick out and play the best songs everyone will enjoy, using the playlist we have worked out with you on songs to play (and not to play) and our knowledge of the best songs for wedding receptions.  In addition, we subscribe to a special music service that tracks the most popular songs and requests at thousands of wedding receptions around the country, updated daily, to help us chart a course of choosing songs everyone will want to hear, enjoy and dance too. Each wedding reception is different in terms of what the audience likes and reacts to, and that can change from minute to minute during the evening.  That's where our experience excels, to play the best, most popular songs, to keep the party going!

Do you have liability insurance?
Yes!  We carry a one million dollar policy!

What is your cancellation policy?
In the unlikely event you need to cancel or change your date, we will work with you to ensure an uneventful change

How do you handle song requests?
We work with you in advance to sort out any special songs you would like, and more importantly songs you would not like to be played.  We also take requests from your guests during the evening following your guidelines

What's your backup plan in case of equipment malfunction?
We bring along extra equipment in the unlikely event that might occur.  We maintain our equipment to the highest level and in all the years of providing wonderful experiences at wedding receptions, we've never experienced any issues

Do you charge for travel or setup?
Generally speaking no!  However if its a destination wedding reception, or a location a great distance - lets talk about that...

Can you do our ceremony as well?
Yes!  In fact we urge you to have us help you with this... we've been to many private ceremonies where the music and sound system was awful!!  We provide a special surround sound system to ensure your ceremony guests will hear all the special words spoken during your ceremony, and play all of your special songs as well.  We have a one of a kind wireless microphone and speaker system to do this, which is just about invisible to your guests!  We can help you with indoor and outdoor ceremonies.

Can you act as master of ceremonies?
Yes!  We can take care of all of the details with special announcements, bouquet and garter tosses, everything you need!

How many weddings have your done?
Over the past many years providing wonderful wedding reception experiences we've done over 1,800 celebrations!

How do we book our day?
Once we set the date with you, we'll send you an agreement to complete.  There is an initial payment of $300 due at that time with the balance of the payments due 15 days prior to your date.

What other services do you offer?
We offer the essentials you need for your Wedding Reception!  Dinner and cocktail music; accent up lighting; projected monogram; photostories; Great dance music; the PhotoBooth; Snapshots candid photos; Ceremony music and much much more!

When should I book you?
Right Now!  We are currently scheduling one to two years in advance, so the earlier you set your date with us the better.

Why should I choose you as my wedding DJ?
It's our experience that makes a difference!!  Today anyone can order a "DJ System" and claim to be a dj... but that's like putting you in the seat of an Indy race car and asking you to drive in the Indy 500 race!  Being a wedding djay is much, much more that equipment, music, lights and "things". It's all about the experience we have to know how to craft and guide your wedding reception to make it a memorable event for both of you.  Our experience of doing over 1,800 receptions over the past many years sets us apart from all others and ensures you will have the best wedding reception ever!